Providence is a beautiful city. The architecture, people and scenery make its downtown and surrounding areas ripe with subjects for photography. Whether you shoot street, abstract, architecture, landscapes or and more, Providence has plenty for you. 

East Side


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The East Side of Providence is home to some of the oldest buildings in the country. That means there is no lack of fantastic workmanship to capture. Benefit Street is the perfect place to find some of these photo spots, but all you need to do is walk around and get lost to stumble upon some hidden gems. Be sure to stop by Prospect Terrace Park with its statue of our founder Roger Williams looking over a picturesque skyline.



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Downtown is ideal for modern architecture and street photography. The bustling downtown streets make for some great photos. Burnside Park is beautiful with Bajnotti Fountain as its centerpiece. Roger Williams National Memorial is a little oasis of green in the city and has wonderful color in the fall. 

Federal Hill


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Federal Hill is another colorful place for street photography with old-school Italian bakeries and restaurants. DePasquale Plaza has a beautiful fountain, which photographs well in all seasons, and the surrounding buildings are full of color. 

Wickenden Street/South Water Street


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Another good spot to capture the skyline is from South Water Street up to Wickenden Street. There is also the Point Street Bridge where South Water Street meets Wickenden, which serves as a great place to get photos of the skyline and other buildings. The area features a sunflower garden, which blooms beautifully during the summer. 

Roger Williams Park


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Roger Williams Park is a beautifully landscaped 427-acre city park with plenty of interesting areas to photograph. There are monuments and sculptures throughout the property, along with a Botanical Center, Japanese Garden and a beautiful Rose Garden

These are just a few spots in Providence, but really anywhere you go you'll find something to capture. Be sure to share your photos on Instagram and tag us with @GoProvidence and #GoProv

Providence Neighborhoods

Some of Providence’s greatest assets are its vibrant, thriving neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own distinct personality, unique history and welcoming community.