When you’re looking for a meeting destination, make sure not to overlook smaller cities. While large cities might have flashy lights and big names, they often also come with bigger price tags and tricky logistics. Smaller-sized cities offer an alternative to big-name cities without compromise. Below you'll find five reasons why you should consider a small city, like Providence, RI, for your next event.

Insider knowledge

A local CVB can help you find the right dates for your event. More importantly, they'll know which dates to avoid to make sure there's no additional commotion that may disrupt arrival, departure, or your overall stay. On the other hand, they can recommend special events and other activities that you or your attendees may want to check out during your stay.


Small cities are often described as "walkable." While that doesn't necessarily mean you can walk to any destination or point of interest, it does mean you can easily get around. You'll save time and money not having to worry about bussing your attendees from the main exhibition hall to an off-site breakout session, and they'll save time and money heading to dinner from the hotel.

We Walk the Walk

Providence’s safe and compact downtown area makes it an extremely walkable city. Great...

Intimate, boutique-type experience

Go beyond the convention center ballrooms and hotel banquet halls and create a unique, attention-holding setting for your meeting. Small cities are filled with non-traditional meeting spaces such as museums or art galleries, universities, or even some restaurants. Many of these spaces are close to each other, allowing attendees to easily move from one to the other while getting the opportunity to experience the area like a local.

Authentic experiences

Today, meetings are as much about the daily agenda as they are about what's going on in the city after sessions wrap up for the night. You don't need to visit a big city for a grand time. Plenty of smaller cities offer lots of the same, if not better, attractions, including world-class dining, entertainment and culturally rich neighborhoods waiting to be explored.

All the attention’s on you and your group

A smaller market means there are fewer simultaneous groups and events. Your staff is typically in direct contact with our services team and other local influencers who can enhance your meeting before and during your visit. If questions come up or you need assistance in a pinch, the services team is just a phone call away.

Why You Should Meet in Providence

Providence combines the best of a quaint New England town with the amenities and hip sophistication of a big city. Acclaimed restaurants, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and beautifully preserved historic architecture combine to make Providence a destination for inspiration.