Gratitude Board

gratitude board - stock

With a name like that, this wooden presentation board is a natural for any Thanksgiving table. Whether you use it as part of your central display or to place some choice nibbles before the big spread, the lovely, clean lines of these North Kingstown-made boards make everything on them look good.



When it really, really matters, when say, you’re putting a 20-pound chunk of meat before an assemblage of family and in-laws, it better be cooked correctly.  For fail-safe instant read temperature control, nothing matches the UK-made Thermapen. Unfancy and thoroughly reliable, it stands alone in the thermometer category.

Staub Pumpkin Dutch Oven

Pumpkin Dutch Oven

If this was just a dust-catching tchotchke it would make a beautiful impact on your table. But, in fact, these are highly functional French ovens, made of enameled cast iron and designed for low and slow cooking in your oven. Lift the lid and prepare for the "oohs" and "aahs" over a perfectly prepared side dish or hearty soup.

Thanksgiving Crackers  

Thanksgiving Crackers

No longer just for Christmas anymore, crackers are cropping up around holiday tables all year round. With their signature “pop” and their playful confetti and prizes inside, it’s a tradition that will make your gathering more festive.

Cocktail Mixing Glass

Cocktail mixer - stock

With that many family members in one room, it’s important to make sure that your cocktail game is strong. Mix up the latest Cranberry Flip or Pumpkin Spice Martini in these gorgeous, striped mixing glasses handblown in Massachusetts.

Where to go?
Find these great products and more at Stock Culinary Goods on the East Side of Providence. Stock is also the perfect spot to cross some holiday gifts off your list and to outfit your own kitchen, dining room or pantry.