This summer the Roger Williams Park Zoo will open its long awaited Faces of the Rainforest exhibit, a completely immersive experience for every guest from the time they enter the building until the moment they leave the yard of the new area. At first glance, the 9,820-square-foot structure with the lavish flora and splendid fauna indigenous to the Amazon rainforest will awe visitors. Upon closer inspection, guests will view photos of the men, women and children who live in the South American rainforests.

However, as visitors leave the building, the FACES they will see will be their own image reflecting back in a large mirror, honing the message that we are ALL Faces of the Rainforest. As New Englanders, we can make a difference in the survival of the humans, animals and vegetation that live in the rainforest.

RWP Zoo Sloth

Faces of the Rainforest is creating an atmosphere that comes alive. Guests do not just walk through a building, instead, they will witness an open concept and technological advancements. The visitor experience is like no other in New England, with a free-flying aviary, water slide for giant otters, a variety of primates, an array of marine life, interesting amphibians and engaging reptiles. We are offering a tropical paradise right here in Rhode Island.

Howler Monkey RWP Zoo

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