The season of giving is upon us and Ellie's Bakery is not missing one day of it. This holiday season, join Ellie's Bakery and Gracie's to give back to the community in the most exciting way possible - decorating gingerbread people. Stop into Ellie's today and purchase a gingerbread kit for $8 and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to helping less fortunate families in the Rhode Island area.

Partnering with Miriam Hospital, the Gracie's and Ellie's team has been hard at work, and with the help of Hope & Main, they have produced 2,000 gingerbread cookies. Owner Ellen Slattery and her team, along with the assistance of a former Gracie's server as well as Kohl's, will personally pick out clothes for these families and hand deliver them.

The gingerbread kit contains everything you need to make this great holiday treat, including one gingerbread person, icing and candy. Buy one to make at home or buy a ton to throw the best holiday party this year.

This holiday season help the team at Gracie's and Ellie's celebrate partnerships, charity, the holidays and community. Available today at Ellie's Bakery while supplies last.