People are hitting the streets for Pokémon GO. GoProvidence has joined in on the hunt by launching a blog series to help Pokémon GO gamers navigate Providence. Keep reading for more info ...

Pokémon can be found everywhere, and they do mean everywhere! In and around the grounds of the Rhode Island State House there are plenty of Pokémon. On our trip we saw some Drowzee, Oddish and we even caught a Poliwag. 

state house pokemon

There are a few PokéStops around the grounds and nearby buildings that mark historic landmarks and memorials. And, of course, there is a Gym at the State House that you can access from outside. As of this writing it is a level 3 Gym held by Mystic.

Below is a map of the State House along with the PokéStop and Gym locations. 




Be sure to grab a bite to eat and check out the shops at Providence Place before or after you catch some Pokémon.

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