I don't know about you, but when the weather outside gets crummy I use it as an excuse to skip cooking and order from one of my favorite restaurants.

By now, ordering takeout and delivery has become second nature to many of us. However, I still find that there are some little steps we can all take as customers to make the lives of restaurant staff much easier, especially when you're placing orders during stormy weather.

Check out the tips below to make your next pickup or delivery quick and easy, no matter the weather conditions or what's for dinner!


  • Order directly from the restaurant if possible. If not, check their website or social media accounts for their preferred ordering platform.
  • Read all pickup instructions before heading out.
  • Park in the designated takeout area if there is one.
  • Have your phone ready to call or text to let them know you've arrived.

Pro Tip: If you have an insulated shopping bag or cooler, bring it with you to keep your hot dishes warm. Coolers are also great if you're picking up cocktails or other cold beverages. 


  • Again, order directly from the restaurant if you can. If you can't, check their website or social media accounts for their preferred delivery service.
  • Make sure your sidewalk and walkways are free of snow or any other debris.
  • If you've asked for contactless delivery, make sure to specify where the food should be left before completing your order.
  • Have your phone nearby. Sometimes your delivery driver will call or text you to let you know they've left your meal at your door.

One final reminder, please wear a mask when interacting with restaurant and delivery staff.

Dining Takeout & Delivery

Many of Providence's area restaurants are offering takeout and delivery. Please note that some restaurants use a delivery service that may add a fee. Check with the restaurant for more details.