People are hitting the streets for Pokémon GO. GoProvidence has joined in on the hunt by launching a blog series to help Pokémon GO gamers navigate Providence. Keep reading for more info ...

If you're looking for Pokémon in the city, Downtown Providence is a hot spot. This densely packed area has nearly 50 PokéStops. With that many stops, you won't run out of gear and can stock up on your items. In fact, you might even have to upgrade your backpack. 

We spotted a ton of Pokémon while walking around the city. We caught a Dratini at Burnside Park right next to the Bajnotti Fountain, and a Pidgeotto right in Kennedy Plaza. And check out that Zubat in front of the Lovecraft sign!

Pokemon Go Downtown

While you're walking around catching 'em all, you'll have plenty of restaurants and cafes to stop in to fill up on food and drink. Some of them are even PokéStops so you can throw down a lure and continue your hunt while grabbing a bite to eat. Click here for a full list of restaurants.

There are three Gyms in the downtown area: Turk's Head Building, Masonic Temple, and Loew's Theater which is now the Providence Performing Arts Center

Below is a map of the area including the locations of the Gyms. Happy hunting! Use #PokeGoProv to share some of your rare catches around Providence.

Pokemon DOwncity


  • Union Station Passage Seal
  • RI Medical Society
  • Reflective Installation
  • Sculpture at RI Convention Center
  • WWI and WWII Providence Journal Honor Rolls
  • Wall of Hope
  • Rod Explosion
  • Lillian Feinstein Memorial
  • Old Union Station
  • Providence Biltmore
  • Slade Building Corner Features
  • Clock Sculpture
  • Fountain Street
  • Mask Sculptures
  • Trinity Brewhouse
  • Dunkin' Donuts Center
  • POW * MIA
  • Trinity Rep Art Memorial
  • AS220
  • George M. Cohan Park
  • Providence Industrial Mural
  • Three Waves for Coastway
  • Mercantile Block Mural
  • Mathewson Street United Methodist Church
  • Providence Street Mural
  • Shepard Company Building
  • PPAC Square
  • Johnson & Wales Clock Tower
  • Alice Building
  • Edward Triangolo Statue
  • McNulty Hall
  • Big Nazo Lab
  • Seal of Providence
  • The Hannah at Burnside Park
  • General Ambrose Burnside Statue
  • The Dunk Structure
  • Broken Pillar
  • Spanish-American War Memorial at Kennedy Plaza
  • The Superman Building
  • Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
  • Leaded Glass Rondouelettes
  • Summerfield Building
  • Thomas A. Doyle Statue
  • Waite-Thresher Company Building
  • The Providence Eagle


  • Turk's Head Building 
  • Masonic Temple
  • Loews Theatre (PPAC)

Check back on Monday for our tour of Benefit Street!

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