The beautifully landscaped 40-acre Roger Williams Park Zoo is home to hundreds of animals and a host of new summertime events and exhibits. From immersive journeys through mythical worlds to exciting animal encounters, a wild adventure awaits!

Zoo - Blue Dragon

Explore the Dragons & Mythical Creatures exhibit from April 7 through Aug. 11. Encounter 60 life-size mythical creatures, from dragons to mermaids, blurring the lines between folklore and reality. Witness these animatronic marvels in action, breathing smoke and roaring. Across cultures, these creatures symbolize diverse beliefs and stories, from Western dragons of destruction to Chinese symbols of fortune. From Irish mermaids to Scandinavian Krakens, myths intertwine with our global heritage.

Experience the immersive exhibit during Dragons at Dusk Family Nights on select nights. Take a stroll through the zoo after hours for a totally new thrill. Dragons Sensory Mornings will offer special sensory-friendly access to the zoo, beginning one hour before the zoo opens for those with autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing differences. (Check the zoo's website for availability).

Two other much-anticipated events return to the zoo this summer. Sip & Stroll (May 9 & July 18) is an adults-only event featuring live music, zoo-themed cocktails and food, and a unique after-hours zoo experience.

Zoo bird show

Meanwhile, get an up-close look at falcons, cranes, owls and more during the interactive bird show from April 13 through Labor Day. Watch these incredible birds display their natural behaviors and abilities during daily shows and surprise encounters that won't disappoint.

In addition to the special summer events, the zoo has recently welcomed some new faces and exhibits. An aviary at the zoo entrance contains seven different types of birds that thrive in warmer weather. And, keep an eye out this summer for some new feathered friends joining the zoo family — Humbolt penguins!

Zoo - Gibbon

Head further into the zoo to find Velma and Sav, two African servals, in their new serval building and outdoor habitat. These exotic cats join the other approximately 150 servals housed in U.S. zoos. The gibbon exhibit recently received a glow up, so guests have a better view and the animals have an expanded area to play and climb.

Finally, the zoo's red pandas have always been a crowd favorite and a top highlight of any visit. After substantial renovations, the upgraded red panda exhibit will open soon and is one of the best in New England. While you can't sneak a panda out to the parking lot, plenty of plush replicas in the zoo's gift shop are eager for a new adventure.