February 13 may just seem like a normal day to you, but to me and my sisters-before-misters pals, it’s a day for celebration — Galentine’s Day! The brainchild of one of the world’s greatest sitcom characters — Leslie Knope, from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” — Galentine’s Day celebrates something no other holiday does: female friendship. It’s basically the smarter, better-looking version of Valentine’s Day.

So, how do you revel in such a glorious day? With food, of course!

Leslie Knope would like us to celebrate each other while eating waffles, but with the 13th falling on a Monday this year, brunch might be hard to find. Instead, take a break from being a #GirlBoss and meet your favorite ladies for the Power Lunch special at Hemenway's – a two-course lunch that includes coffee and a freshly baked cookie. Or plan an after-work meet up at CAV, one of the most unique restaurants in the city – it's half restaurant, half antique store. Splurge and order a round of champagne for the table!

Speaking of champagne, a Monday Galentine's Day means you can take advantage of wine specials at Il Massimo (3-Course Wine & Dinner Special) and Pane e Vino (1/2 off any glass or bottle of wine). What's better than that?

Or make a whole night of it and head to Monday night Karaoke Night at The Hot Club. We know you and your crew have a song and dance routine you're just dying to show off.

And let's not forget gifts!

While you might not have time to craft mosaics of their faces or crochet them a bouquet of flower pens, every lady loves an unexpected gift. Check out the Candle for Besties at Frog & Toad – according to their website it smells like "petty gossip and a lot of venting." And if you feel inspired to write 5,000 word essays on the awesomeness of your gal pals, Craftland has you covered with their Strong Women Notebooks.

However you choose to celebrate, Galentine's Day is all about honoring the women who always have your back and reminding them that they're "more fabulous than Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt and Madeline Albright rolled together."