February 13 may just seem like a normal day to you, but to me and my sisters from other misters, it’s a day for celebration — Galentine’s Day! The brainchild of one of the world’s greatest sitcom characters — Leslie Knope, from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” — Galentine’s Day celebrates something no other holiday does: female friendship. It’s basically the smarter, better-looking version of Valentine’s Day.

If you’re jealous of T. Swift’s squad, empowered by the modern-day Xena that is Mariska Hargitay, feelin’ yourself like ‘Yonce or having the best year of your life like Cardi B, this day was/is made for you and your girl gang.

So, how do you revel in such a glorious day? With food, of course!

This year, it's easier than ever to connect with your girlfriends near and far while enjoying some food and cocktails virtually! Leslie Knope would like us to celebrate each other while eating waffles, and while I’m a huge fan of breakfast for dinner (brinner?), I’d suggest one of these fabulous spots, which all offer in-person dining, takeout, or even delivery:


(Dining options available: Indoor, Outdoor, Takeout, Delivery)
This is one of the most unique restaurants in the city. Nestled in the Jewelry District, this gem is half antique store, half delicious restaurant. My favorite is the Poulet aux Poires. Throw in a glass of Champagne and we’re basically on a very fancy vacation!

Rosalina and/or Kleos


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(Dining options available: Indoor, Outdoor, Takeout)
These two restaurants are my favorite place(s) in the city. Imagine a Greek and an Italian fell in love and then used that love to create restaurants. THAT is Rosalina and her sister, Kleos. You can’t go wrong with what you order, but make sure to get the pizzette frite at Rosalina and ANYTHING that comes with tzatziki at Kleos, for the table.

The Grange


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(Dining options available: Indoor, Outdoor, Takeout)
It's not just for vegans and vegetarians; it’s for people who like food — and that’s me. The General Tso’s Tacos are perfection, like wake up craving them in the middle of the night delicious. The small plates aren’t that small, and their desserts will make you forget that it’s basically health food.

The East End

(Dining options available: Takeout)
Favorites like the crostini and hot wings will dazzle your palate, while select meal kits are available for the full dinner experience. Don't forget to check out the to-go options from their extensive wine and drink menu.

Don’t worry about having to squeeze into Spanx or wobbling around on four-inch heels all night (unless that’s what makes you feel good ... ain’t no shame in your game), just embrace what makes you YOU with the chicks that make you want to use the hashtag #friendgoals while, obviously, enjoying some of Providence's best dishes!