My family and I recently checked out a local food truck event, Food Trucks at the Fairgrounds in Foster, run by When we pulled up, there were a lot of cars, so I was a little concerned that it might be crowded. We're doing the best we can to stay safe, so I was hesitant. But after we parked and walked onto the field, it was clear everything was so spread out. There were markers in front of each truck to signal six feet for safety and everyone at the trucks wore masks. Even the people sitting in lawn chairs or on blankets were at a very safe distance from each other. 

Food Truck Event

We surveyed the available trucks and my sons had no doubt — Friskie Fries. I jumped on board quickly! My older son and I ordered the Friskie Fries, fries with chili and cheese sauce. My younger son wanted the Miss Potato Head, fries with sour cream, shredded cheese and scallions. Once the fries came out, my younger son immediately claimed my Friskie Fries. My guess is that the cheese sauce was the clincher. The fries were fantastic as usual. 

Friskie Fries from Food Truck

My husband beelined it straight to the Bonetown Burgers & BBQ truck. He came back with a slow-smoked brisket meal and the dry-rubbed St. Louis style ribs. Yes, it's pretty much two meals, but he just couldn't decide. And yes, he did eat the whole thing!

BBQ Food Truck

We found a spot in the shade far from others, put down the blanket and ate. When we were done, the boys wanted ice cream. The Atomic Blonde truck was calling to them. They each got a hot fudge sundae to end the night right.

food truck ice cream

When we left, there were still a decent amount of people there, all staying true to RI's Phase III COVID-19 guidelines. There was also live music set up far away from everyone. Another fun event. I knew we'd definitely check out one of the other food truck nights throughout the state.