and the Providence Journal bring you Small Bites: Easy-to-Digest Recipes. For 20 years Ken Heidelberg worked in the retail fashion business as an asset specialist. "No one was ever happy to see me," he said of his job that brought changes to stores across the country. In 2004, he decided to try his hand at cooking in resort hotel kitchens in Virginia Beach, Va. He quickly learned he liked it. "The look on people's faces when they see what you've cooked for them, it's instant gratification," he said. He even enjoys the prep part of the job, calling it zen.

A Bishop Hendricken kid who grew up in the Edgewood section of Cranston and went to Northeastern University, he returned home and joined the team at County Cork Irish Pub, in Warwick. At County Cork, he cures his own corned beef and then cooks each brisket for five hours. Check out the video and recipe below for Heidelberg's classic Reuben.

Classic Reuben

- Rye or pumpernickel bread

- Thousand Island dressing

- Swiss cheese

- Corned beef

- Sauerkraut

Grill bread on pan with butter, coating on both sides. Set aside.

Grill corned beef in pan, set aside. Heat up sauerkraut in pan and set aside. 

Spread sauerkraut on bread, topping with Swiss cheese. Pile corned beef and sauerkraut as desired. 

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