and the Providence Journal bring you Small Bites: Easy-to-Digest Recipes. Today on Small Bites, Executive Chef Matt Haist from The Capital Grille shows us how to make one of their most popular side dishes: Creamed Sweet Corn. This isn't just your regular creamed corn — it could almost be a meal in itself. Check out the video and recipe below and stay tuned for more recipes to come. 


- 4 cups fresh corn kernels, divided use

- 26 ounces heavy cream, divided use

- 2 ounces applewood smoked bacon

- 2 ounces Vidalia onion, chopped 

- 1 ounce butter

- 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

- Chives for garnish

Remove corn from cob with a sharp knife or mandolin.

Puree 3/4 of a cup of corn with 1/3 of a cup of cream.

In a medium skillet, render bacon fat. Once bacon is brown, remove it and sauté onions in bacon fat until they're translucent.

Add the remainder of the corn to a hot skillet and sauté 2 minutes.

Add the cream corn puree to a skillet and simmer another 2 minutes.

Add bacon, butter and kosher salt. Cook until rich and smooth, about 1 minute.

Place in serving dish and garnish with chopped chives.

Makes 4 servings.