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Meeting and convention planners are often tasked with finding knowledgeable and engaging speakers, who are experts in their chosen fields. The PWCVB created the Rhode Island Speaker Directory to streamline this process for planners.

Rhode Island’s wealth of educational and innovative resources, including numerous colleges and universities, a thriving health care industry, and notable corporate headquarters makes it a natural home to a well-rounded array of potential speakers. The Rhode Island Speaker Directory links planners with these experts across a variety of fields and academic disciplines, who live and/or work in the state. 

To find out more about how we can help connect you to the right speaker for your program, contact Senior Director of Convention & Visitor Services, Erin Degulis at edegulis@GoProvidence.com.

Areas of Expertise Include:

Arts & Culture
Business & Finance
Diversity & Inclusion
Government Affairs
Health Care
Law Enforcement
Marine Studies
Motivational Speakers
Planning & Urban Development
Religious Studies
Renewable Energy
Tourism & RI History
University Planning & Education

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In Fiscal Year 2019, the PWCVB booked 284 meetings, conventions and sporting events for future years. Those events will pump $87 million in direct spending into the Rhode Island economy and use 123,132 hotel room nights. Help us continue to grow the Rhode Island economy by lending your talents, knowledge and expertise to the Rhode Island Speaker Directory.

GoProvidence will not share your contact information online and all arrangements surrounding the speaking engagement will be made directly with the planner.

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Rhode Island Speaker Directory
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